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Financial institutions taking action

Overview of institutions

The following financial institutions are cooperating within PBAF in the development of harmonized principles underlying biodiversity impact assessments.

Institution Headquarters Region Category Total financial assets
in million $US (lending and investments)
Partner / Supporter Date
ABN AMRO Netherlands Europe Commercial bank 438,755 Partner Mar, 2021
ACTIAM Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 69,919 Partner Nov, 2019
AFD France Europe Development bank 14,408 Supporter Jun, 2021
APG Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 646,058 Supporter Mar, 2021
ASN Bank Netherlands Europe Commercial bank 0 Partner Nov, 2019
Achmea Investment Management Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 223,774 Supporter Mar, 2021
Arboreal B.V. Netherlands Europe Impact investor 22 Supporter Feb, 2022
Aviva Investors United Kingdom Europe Asset owner/managers 327,000 Supporter June, 2022
BNP Paribas France Europe Asset owner/managers 3,059,699 Supporter Mar, 2021
Cathay Financial Holding Co., Ltd Taiwan, China Asia Financial services group 339,790 Supporter Sept, 2022
DGB Financial Group South Korea Asia Commercial bank 71,700 Supporter Aug, 2022
Danske Bank Denmark Europe Commercial bank 583,582 Partner June, 2022
De Volksbank Netherlands Europe Commercial bank 71,206 Partner Mar, 2021
EcoEnterprises Fund United States North America Impact investor 143 Supporter Nov, 2021
Ethias Belgium Europe Insurance 22,605 Supporter Jan, 2022
FMO Netherlands Europe Development bank 12,512 Partner Nov, 2019
Finance in Motion Germany Europe Impact investor 2,767 Supporter Mar, 2021
FirstRand Group Ltd. South Africa Africa Commercial bank 111,000 Supporter Mar, 2021
Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group United States North America Asset owner/managers 143,000 Partner June, 2022
MN Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 180,000 Partner July, 2022
NN Investment Partners Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 360,925 Supporter Mar, 2021
NWB Bank Netherlands Europe Promotional bank 59,967 Partner Mar, 2021
ODDO BHF Asset Management France Europe Asset owner/managers 73,500 Supporter Dec, 2021
PGGM Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 319,164 Supporter Jun, 2021
PME Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 59,300 Supporter July, 2022
PMT Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 97,400 Supporter July, 2022
Piraeus Financial Holdings Greece Europe Commercial bank 60,154 Supporter Mar, 2021
Pymwymic Netherlands Europe Impact investor 40 Supporter Jun, 2021
Rabobank Netherlands Europe Commercial bank 752,053 Partner Mar, 2021
Rathbone Greenbank United Kingdom Europe Asset owner/managers 2,645 Partner Mar, 2021
Robeco Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 211,802 Partner Nov, 2019
SIGNATURE Agri Investments Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 100 Supporter Mar, 2021
Shinhan Financial Group South Korea Asia Commercial bank 544,080 Supporter Sept, 2022
Sycomore France Europe Asset owner/managers 10,100 Partner Jun, 2021
Triodos Bank Netherlands Europe Commercial bank 21,295 Partner Nov, 2019
Triple Jump Netherlands Europe Impact investor 1,203 Partner Nov, 2019
Van Lanschot Kempen Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 119,139 Partner Mar, 2021
Woori Financial Group South Korea Asia Commercial bank 454,300 Supporter Aug, 2022
a.s.r. asset management Netherlands Europe Asset owner/managers 90,231 Supporter Mar, 2021
international business of Federated Hermes United Kingdom Europe Asset owner/managers 53,200 Partner Feb, 2022
Total 40 institutions Total financial assets: $ 9.6 Trillion

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